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Ongoing & Upcoming Group Classes

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Starting 11 Jul 2024 (10 sessions)
Thursdays @ 8pm – 9:30pm

Starting 12 Jul 2024 (3 sessions)
Fridays @ 8pm – 9:30pm

Why learn from Nadi Furqan?

1-to-1 Learning

Most effective way of learning where the focus is exclusively on you – improving your weaknesses through intensive coaching tailored to your level of understanding & capability.

Flexible Schedule

Learn & progress at your own pace! Whether you’re working office hours, shift worker, or just a very busy person, we cater to your availability as much as possible.

Online & Onsite

Travel frequently? Having difficulties commuting to the centre? That should not stop you from learning! We offer online classes, and you may opt for onsite/hybrid classes too

(Shahih Bukhari)

Roadmap of Learning in Nadi Furqan


Learn to recognize the Qurʽān letters Alif, Bāʼ, Tāʼ, pronouncing them accurately & proficiently, with some basic Tajwīd rulings.


Understanding the intricacies of Tajwīd rulings effectively and mastering its application in recitation.


Reciting the entire Qurʽān (Khatm) applying all Tajwīd rulings under rigorous supervision of ARS-certified Qurʽān teachers with Ijāzah & Sanad.

Testimonial from Students

“…The trainer explained the topics clearly and concisely. I picked up many tips on how to guide my own students in learning tajwid…”

“…Kursus ini menambah keyakinan saya untuk menyampaikan lImu Tajwid….”

“…Lecture delivery very clear and concise; not lengthy, confusing and draggy. The book used has ample space for note-taking and ustaz made sure he covers every aspect of the book…”