About Nadi Furqan

humble beginnings

Nadi in Malay means pulse, heartbeat, and Furqan – being one of the names of the Quran – meant that this center was intended for the learning, reciting, reflecting of the Qur’an to take place and eventually being a hub for Quranic learning.

Nadi Furqan was formed in 2010 by Mdm Sulizah Salleh with the aim of making the learning of reciting the Qur’an easy and accessible.

We have since employed over 40 teachers and have a large pool of dedicated Qur’an teachers to teach the wide-ranging community from kids to adults in Malay and English.

We offer classes in group setting for those who wants to complete the syllabus in a shorter timeframe and 1-to-1 for those who wish to have an intensive practice, at their own pace.

To provide a customized learning experience, we have designed & utilize different teaching aids and have also published our own learning materials which infuses both traditional & contemporary methods.

Mission & Vision


To cater to individual needs & enhance learning through customised Qur’anic programmes in a conducive environment


A community that strives for excellence in learning and teaching the Qurʼan



to love, learn & live the Qur’an


to take pride in adhering and practicing the teachings of the Qurʼan


to strive for excellence in learning & teaching the Qur’an


to persevere and learn to read the Qur’an with proper tajwid diligently

Our Qur’an Teachers

Our teachers are certified under the mandatory Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) scheme and most of them possess Ijazah Sanad in Qira’at.

Ustaz Achmad Fatha Asghari

Ustaz Muhammad Farhan Yaacob

Ustaz Muhammad Haikal Bin Ab Halim

Ustaz Salleh Udin Bin Ramlan

Ustaz Khuzir

Ustazah Azizah Bte Yusoff

Ustazah Evi Nurul Hayah

Ustazah Irma Oktavia

Ustazah Rina Sanora Binte Supri

Ustazah Rita Ruwiyanti

Ustazah Nur Shabirah Bibi Binte Idris

Ustazah Shinta Anita Sari

Ustazah Yudith Fabiola

Ustazah Zahara Binte Ahmad

Ustazah Khairunnisa Bte Shamshulbahri

Ustazah Zulaiqo Rushda Binte Tukiman


On Nadi Furqan

Classes conducted by Ustazah Sulizah, Ustaz Haikal & Ustazah Yudith

Alhamdulillah. I am glad to have registered myself to learn the hukum2 tajwid and talaqqi classes. Both ustazah Sulizah and ustaz Haikal are very knowledgeable and have imparted to me their knowledge on hukum2 tajwid well during our zoom sessions. Ustazah Yudith is my ustazah for talaqqi. I like her teaching. She is patient and I discovered my qiraat has improved based on her guidance. Overall, I am pleased with Nadi Furqan.


Asatizah Training Tadrib At-Tajwid Methodology

conducted by Ustaz Achmad

Alhamdulillah, 1 found the course to be very beneficial and useful. The trainer explained the topics clearly and concisely. I picked up many tips on how to guide my own students in learning tajwid. I also learnt from fellow participants who shared their experiences in teaching their students and this was just as valuable as the tips shared by the trainer. I think this will benefit even more teachers if Nadi Furqan opens up more intakes insyaAllah.

Ustazah Farahin

Quran 1-on-1

with Ustazah Zahara

Alhamdulillah I managed to khatam the Quran for the first time ever. It has been 6+ years since I started from zero knowledge at lqra… something I was at 38 years old so ashamed of.

Slowly but surely with the guidance of yourself and Ustazah Zahara, I reached my goal. Alhamdulillah. No need to hide during tahlil and doa selamat sessions anymore.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Nadi Furqan from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for students like me to make it possible for us to be Quran literate. I am also grateful that Nadi Furqan made the move to online classes because of COVID. I think I would never have khatam by now without it.

May Allah bless all your endeavours and ease your journeys always. I would especially like to commend Ustazah Zahara for her guidance and never ending patience with me. I have never met anyone like her and I feel so blessed to be her student. She has been so very patient, never ever made me feel small for not knowing how to pronounce or read, never made me feel like she was in a hurry or n’ot listening.. which is amazing because I know how many students she has yet she gives me her utmost attention during my session. When she knows I am tired, she always encourages me and takes the time to explain the context and meaning behind the surah even.

No words can describe how grateful I am to her. would like to take th Once again thank you so much to you and Nadi Furqan. May Allah bless each one of you and your teachers with abundance of rizq. Thank you


Quran 1-on-1

with Ustazah Sulizah

Alhamdulillah, Ustazah Sulizah seorang yang tidak lokek ilmu dan ikhlas dalam membimbing saya serta sahabat-sahabat saya dalam ilmu Tajwid dan membaca Al-Quran. Ustazah seorang guru yang rendah diri, sabar, lembut dan sangat berpengetahuan. Beliau juga seorang yang kritikal apabila membetulkan bacaan kerana memelihara amanah menyampaikan ajaran yang tepat. Saya sangat bersyukur dapat belajar dari beliau. Saya doakan Ustazah Sulizah dan Nadi Furqan terus istiqamah dalam meningkatkan usaha menyebarkan cinta pada Al-Quran serta berjaya dunia akhirat. Aamin.

Lenny Azlina

On Nadi Furqan

Class conducted by Ustazah Yudith

Highly recommended as Nadi Furqan teaches based on two books which has been developed to be systematic and easy to understand


Asatizah Training Tadrib At-Tajwid Methodology

conducted by Ustaz Achmad

Kursus online Tadrib At-Tajwid anjuran Nadi Furqan seperti kursus Nadi Furqan yang pernah saya hadiri, sekali lagi memberi impak besar kepada saya.

3 sebab kursus ini harus dikuti:
1. Kursus ini menambah keyakinan saya untuk menyampaikan lImu Tajwid.
2. Para peserta, Insya Allah akan menamatkan kursus ini dengan kemantapan lImu Tajwid.
3. Kursus ini dijalankan secara interaktif, walau diadakan pada waktu malam. Segar kelopak
mata dari awal hingga akhir sesi disantap ilmu dengan bimbingan Ustaz Achmad Fatha

Hadirilah dengan niat murni, Insya Allah terpenuhi.

Norizan Ismail

Quran 1-on-1

with Ustazah Sulizah

Like many who grew up in the 90’s, I attended mengaji sessions daily from a neighbourhood ustaz when I was young. My ustaz helped build a foundation of tajweed for me based on repetition and a rotan never far away. Then I put away the Quran for a long time. Slightly more than a year ago, a good friend urged me to sit in an online ‘intro to Tajweed’ class with Ustazah Sulizah from Nadi Furqan. Slowly and patiently, Ustazah Sulizah brought back to life my dusty tajweed rules, brushed it, mended and molded it. My recitation has improved a lot in the last year. Ustazah Sulizah is gentle but firm, knowledgeable but constantly learning. She is sharp and she challenges you to constantly improve your recitation. Alhamdulillah for Nadi Furqan and Ustazah Sulizah, I now truly truly enjoy reading the Quran, I try to read daily and I find myself pursing multiple other classes to improve my recitation Alhamdulillah.


Quran 1-on-1

with Ustazah Sulizah

Alhamdulillah, I am truly enjoying my online Tajwid and Quran recitation classes with Ustazah Sulizah from Nadi Furqan. She is an amazing teacher whose patience, dedication and commitment is truly remarkable. Her teaching method is clear and precise yet adaptable to suit each and every student’s different style. She is very encouraging and motivates me to want to perform better at every session. Under her guidance, I find myself being able too understand the Tajwid rules with much ease and applying them more effectively when reading the Quran. Not only do I love reading the Quran more now, I am also inspired to seek other classes to understand the Quran. Tabarakallah, it is indeed a blessing to have discovered Nadi Furqan and Ustazah Sulizah in my Quran journey.


On Nadi Furqan

Class conducted by Ustazah Yudith

Alhamdulillah saya bermula Bertalaqqi dgn Ustazah Yudith dari August 2021. Alhamdulillah hampir setahun saya Bertalaqqi dgn Ustazah Yudith bacaan saya lebih baik .Ustazah Selalu memperbetulkan tajwid Dan Mahraj huruf sewaktu saya membaca. Membaca Al-Quran dgn tajwid Dan Mahraj huruf saya lebih yakin Membaca Al Quran. Alhamdulillah Terima Kasih kepada Ustazah Yudith Dan Terima Kasih kepada Nadi Furqan

Ibu Atikah

Asatizah Training Tadrib At-Tajwid Methodology

conducted by Ustaz Achmad

Lecture delivery very clear and concise; not lengthy, confusing and droggy. The book used has ample space for note-taking and ustaz made sure he covers every aspect of the book. I would like to commend ustaz for his effort in producing such a work, covering majority of the tajiweed topics and let readers and learners know about other branches of knowledge relating to tajweed such as Qiraat and Rasm. The course is also well-balanced; not too long and not too short. I would recommend all asatizah to join this course.”

Ustaz Amirul

I Can Teach

with Ustazah Sulizah

Memang semasa kecil dulu ada pergi kelas mengaji, belajar muqaddam, belajar Quran. Tapi dah lepas tu, habis begitu sahaja. Bila dah ada keluarga sendiri dan mula nak cuba mengajar anak-anak sendiri baru lah terbuka hati nak berguru lagi supaya bacaan Quran saya sendiri lebih baik dan mantap dan supaya dapat sampaikan ilmu dengan sempurna pada anak-anak. Lama juga proses pencarian guru. Akhirnya saya terjumpa poster bagi kelas bersiri “I Can Teach” yang dikelolakan oleh Ustazah Sulizah dan Nadi Furqan. Di situlah bermula titik perkenalan dengan Ustazah. Tahun lepas, bila Circuit Breaker diumumkan, banyak kelas-kelas terpaksa dilakukan atas talian. Alhamdulilah, ini hikmah di sebalik pandemik yang paling besar buat saya dan sahabat- sahabat saya. Kami dapat mulakan kelas tajwid dengan Ustazah Sulizah secara _online. Saya belajar balik kesemuanya dari asas. Banyak juga yang terpaksa saya _unlearn and relearn dalam tempoh 6 bulan itu. Banyak ilmu yang disampaikan oleh Ustazah Sulizah. Saya amat kagum dengan keluasan ilmunya dan kesungguhannya menyampaikan kesemuanya pada murid-murid. Tidak pernah lokek dengan ilmu yang dia ada. Ustazah juga pandai mengikut rentak anak murid dan menyesuaikan kaedah dan cara pendekatannya. Ustazah Sulizah seorang yang _very firm but also very gentle. Nothing escapes her sharp hearing, MasyaAllah! Semua dia dengar dan dia perbetulkan. Sangat mengagumkan. Saya dah cuba beberapa guru ngaji sebelum Ustazah Sulizah. She is definitely the sharpest dan yang paling serasi. Memang bersyukur sangat Allah temukan saya dengan kelas Can Teach_ dan Ustazah Sulizah. Alhamdulillah. Mudah-mudahan saya dan sahabat-sahabat saya dapat terus menimba ilmu di bawah bimbingan Ustazah dan terus memperbaiki lagi bacaan Al-Quran kami. Terima kasih Ustazah