Kids & Teens Qur’an

exposing our little ones early

It is one of our main goals to help every child to be able to recite the Qur’an well and understand the rulings of recitation (Tajwid). We strive to eliminate Qur’an illiteracy one child at a time and hopefully set the right foundations for these young learners as they set out into their learning journeys.

Beginner’s Level

utlu basic + utlu 1

Utlu Basic
Identify the Hijaiyyah letters with the Utlu Basic book. Recognise every letter and learn to write with guided tracing examples. Perfect introduction for beginners!

Utlu Book 1
Discover Utlu book 1 to build on letter recognition, basic reading proficiency of joined letters, and familiarising with the different vowels. With examples for reading and practising, this book is perfect for learners to build up their reading fluency.

Intermediate Level

utlu 2 + utlu 3

Utlu Book 2
Progress further into the Quranic learning journey with Utlu book 2 where learners can learn on the various signs including Kasrah, Dhommah, Tanween, and Sukun. Practice reading fluency with more examples joined letters and longer, while learning the Makhraj and Sifatul huruf. This book also introduce the basic Tajweed rules.

Utlu Book 3 (NEW)
Learn the fundamental Tajweed rulings to prepare learners to read the Qur’an in Utlu book 3. Topics are presented in a simplified manner with relevant examples for application. This includes topics such as Nun & Mim Sakinah, Idgham, Lam Ta’rif and many more.

Advanced Level

muqaddam / qur’an

Your child’s teacher will recommend based on his/her competency as to whether he/she will proceed with the Muqaddam (letters practices and Surahs from Juz ‘Amma) or the holy Qur’an straightaway.