Tadrib At-Tajwid

Pages: 250
Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Cover: Paperback
Language: English



Are you looking for a Tajwid book to study, teach or just use as a reference??

Tadrib At-Tajwid is a comprehensive textbook, covering various Tajwid topics in-depth. It equips the student with the must know Tajwid rulings before they start reciting the Qur’an. An effective textbook for students and a handy reference for the experts.


• Readers who have had little exposure to Tajwid
• Those familiar with Tajwid but have not mastered it
• Those who looking for a systematic study of Tajwid with simplified explanations
• Intermediate & advanced students of Tajwid who wish to deepen their knowledge


• Know the Arabic letters
• Went through a basic recitation course (Iqra’, Tilawati, Qira’ati etc.)
• Possess a decent level of proficiency


A systematic study of Tajwid with tables and illustrations for easy understanding. Contains many reading exercises for practice. Also includes topics which are generally not mentioned in other English works of Tajwid.

Fundamental Topics: Makhraj & Sifat Huruf, Ta’awwudz & Basmalah, Nun & Mim Sakinah, Lam Ta’rif, Idgham, Madd, Tafkhim & Tarqiq, Hamzah Al-Wasl, Huruf Muqotho’at etc.

Advanced Topics: An-Nabr, Levels of Ghunnah, Levels of Tafkhim, Tafkhim Nisbi, Saktah, Roum, Isymam, Tashil, Naql, Imalah, Waqf at the ending of words etc.

Bonus Topics: Dhobt Al-Qur’an, Introduction to Qira’at, Riwayah, Thoriq, Sanad of Qurra’. List of words with Gharib (strange) & unconventional readings in accordance with Qira’ah Hafs ‘an ‘Asim via Thoriq asy-Syathibiyyah.