Tadrib At-Tajwid (Eng)

Pages: 250
Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Cover: Paperback
Language: English



Tadrib At-Tajwid is a comprehensive textbook, covering various Tajwid topics in-depth.

It equips the student with the must know Tajwid rulings before they start reciting the Qur’an. An effective textbook for students and a handy reference for the experts.

Suitable for those who already know the Arabic alphabets and underwent a basic recitation course (Iqra’, Tilawati, Qira’ati etc.).

Fundamental Topics: Makhraj & Sifat Huruf, Ta’awwudz & Basmalah, Nun & Mim Sakinah, Lam Ta’rif, Idgham, Madd, Tafkhim & Tarqiq, Hamzah Al-Wasl, Huruf Muqotho’at etc.

Advanced Topics: An-Nabr, Levels of Ghunnah, Levels of Tafkhim, Tafkhim Nisbi, Saktah, Roum, Isymam, Tashil, Naql, Imalah, Waqf at the ending of words etc.

Bonus Topics: Dhobt Al-Qur’an, Introduction to Qira’at, Riwayah, Thoriq, Sanad of Qurra’. List of words with Gharib (strange) & unconventional readings in accordance with Qira’ah Hafs ‘an ‘Asim via Thoriq asy-Syathibiyyah.