Tadrib At-Tartil (Malay)

Pages: 230
Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Cover: Paperback
Language: Malay



Tadrib At-Tartil is basic Tajwid textbook which incorporates both traditional & modern methods with significant focus on practice and precision.
Suitable for those who are new to Qur’an recitation (zero knowledge), beginners who are starting out (minimal knowledge) & those who have not been in touch and wish to refresh their basics.

Amongst the topics covered:

  • Recognize the Qur’anic letters and its shape variants
  • Basic reading signs (Harakat, Sukun, Tanwin, Tasydid etc.)
  • Makhraj Huruf
  • Sifat Huruf
  • Distinguish similar sounding letters
  • Learn selected Tajwid rulings (Madd, Lam At-Ta’rif, Hamzah Wasl etc.)
  • Numerous reading exercises to practice and build proficiency