Tadrib At-Tartil

Pages: 238
Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Cover: Paperback
Language: English



Want to learn and/or teach the basics of Qur’an recitation & Tajwid but not sure which textbook to use??

With the abundance of basic textbooks out there of varying structures and approach, there is no one correct way or method that suits the diverse community. Some may prefer the traditional method over recent ones. However, this new work Tadrib At-Tartil incorporates both methods with significant focus on practice and precision.


• Those who are new to Qur’an recitation (zero knowledge)
• Beginners who are starting out (minimal knowledge)
• Those who have not been in touch and wish to refresh their basics


Using Nadi Furqan’s textbook Tadrib At-Tartil, you will learn the following:

• Recognize the Qur’anic letters and its shape variants
• Basic reading signs (Harakat, Sukun, Tanwin, Tasydid etc.)
• Proper articulation of letters from its Makhraj
• Refine pronunciations through Sifat Huruf
• Distinguish similar sounding letters
• Learn selected Tajwid rulings (Madd, Lam At-Ta’rif, Hamzah Wasl etc.)
• Numerous reading exercises to practice and build proficiency

This book fulfills the need of the English-speaking community, providing a new breath of fresh air in its methodology and arrangement of the basic Tajwid syllabus.

It is suitable to be used as textbook for beginners in mosques, education centres or home-based classes where basic Qur’an recitation is taught.