The proper knowledge to teach Tajwīd is the cornerstone of effective Qurʽānic education. It ensures accuracy, authenticity, and the transmission of this sacred art form in a way that respects its historical significance and spiritual depth.

Teaching Tajwīd and conducting Qurʽān Talaqqī sessions may not be as easy as it seems, and we acknowledge the challenges faced by teachers in ensuring that this timeless tradition is upheld in all its majesty.

Acquiring proper knowledge empowers teachers with confidence and ensures that Tajwīd is taught according to established rules and authentic sources. This is essential to prevent the distortion of Qurʽān recitation.

Empower yourselves and become ambassadors of the Qurʽān today!

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Mastery of Tajwīd

Our training program will delve deep into the science of Tajwīd, offering an in-depth understanding of Makhraj & Ṣifāt al-Ḥurūf, and other common Aḥkām at-Tajwīd. This can also serve as a refresher course. Teachers will not only be equipped with theoretical knowledge but will also engage in practical exercises to refine their own recitation skills.

Effective Teaching Methodologies

We recognize that being proficient in recitation does not necessarily translate into effective teaching. Our training program will equip teachers with fundamental teaching methodologies, pedagogical & andragogical approaches, enabling them to engage students of different ages and backgrounds effectively. We will emphasize interactive techniques, focusing on different student capabilities to create an accommodating learning experience.

Follow-up Development

Learning is a lifelong journey, and our program recognizes the importance of continuous growth. Our commitment to you does not end with a training program. We propose a comprehensive follow-up plan, providing teachers with opportunities to have personal Taḥsīn classes, focusing on their weaknesses and discussions on more advanced topics. This ongoing support will ensure that teachers gradually upgrade and possibly attain an Ijāzah/Sanad in Qirāʽāt – keeping them at the forefront of Qurʽānic education.


Want to learn in a group?

We are able to arrange group classes if the number of attendees meet the requirement.